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Tandems Axle Dump Truck

Our Tandems are insulated and can haul up to 14.5-15 ton per load.

Steel Tub Trailers

  • Quad Axel

  • Swing Gate

  • High Life Gate

  • Dump Gate

  • They haul dirt, broken concrete, or rock up to RR-7 (Boulders)

Tri-Axle Dump Trucks

Our Tri-Axle's can haul up to 16-16.5 tons per load. No material bigger than RR3 or concrete depending on the size.

Side Dumps

  • They can haul dirt, sand, rock, riprap up to RR-7.

  • Haul up to 22-22.5 ton per load.

  • Vinyl tarps

Aluminum End Dumps

  • All are framed and insulated.

  • Short tandem axle's - 26' to 28' with tarps and can haul up to 21-21.5 ton per load.

  • Quad Axle hauls 23-24 ton per load.

  • They can haul asphalt/rock up to RR-1 (3" Clean).


We have a strong fleet of tractors to pull the variety of trailers listed.

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